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Julia Gabriel Preschool


17, 24, 31 August 2024
9am - 1pm


Julia Gabriel Preschool


17, 24, 31 August 2024
9am - 1pm

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The early years are a time of remarkable growth and development for every child. Like a sponge, a young child's brain eagerly absorbs the world around them, creating vital connections that shape their future.

It is crucial to provide students with a positive, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment guided by passionate educators who are skilled at sparking their natural curiosity to explore and learn, empowering them with skills for life.

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A new beginning unfolds when a child steps into full-time school for the first time. At Julia Gabriel Preschool, we believe in creating a foundation that gives every child the best possible start in life.

Our journey began in 1994 as Chiltern House Preschool. Parents of Julia Gabriel Centre at that time shared their aspirations for a preschool that embodied the same values as our enrichment programmes: a commitment to quality, nurturing relationships, a positive and enabling environment, and respect for individual strengths and learning styles. As we continue striving for excellence in education, ensuring we remain the leading childcare provider for preschoolers, it became apparent that an amalgamation of everything that is best about Chiltern House and the renowned Julia Gabriel name was the way forward.

Julia Gabriel Preschool brings together the warmth and security of home with the stimulating and immersive experience of our EduDrama® methodology. Sharing the wonder and excitement of the world as we cultivate your child's educational foundation, we take a holistic approach to learning because we understand that every aspect of a child's development is important for their well-being, self-confidence and academic success.

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Our Comprehensive Preschool Curriculum

Drawing on decades of research and the enduring educational philosophy of our founder, Julia Gabriel, the Julia Gabriel Preschool core programmes employs the EduDrama® approach to foster an optimal learning landscape. This distinctive methodology nurtures language, bolsters confidence, and hones expressive communication, creativity and critical thinking through drama, poetry, voice and speech exercises, and interactive storytelling.

EduDrama® is more than a pedagogy; it is a catalyst for empowering children to articulate with assurance as they journey through every aspect of school and life.

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Social and Emotional Development


In today's fast-paced world, Julia Gabriel Preschool prioritises nurturing emotional resilience and mindfulness. Our students learn strategies to manage emotions and stay present, using practices like mindful breathing and expressing gratitude. Through hands-on activities, we instill character strengths, equipping children with lifelong tools to navigate their educational journey and beyond.

Literacy Programmes

Language and Literacy

Through conversations, speech activities and dynamic discussions, our young learners cultivate confidence and clarity in their verbal and written communication. A blend of phonemic and phonics-based activities ensures children develop literacy skills, creating a foundation for strong reading and writing fluency.


From Nursery 2, children are immersed in the renowned Oxford Reading Tree scheme, a UK-originated program cherished for its success in nurturing literacy. This approach brings joy to the learning process, featuring relatable family tales and compelling storylines. Activities are designed to link stories to skills such as the ability to read, comprehend, predict, retell, sequence, and extend story ideas. Additionally, our students get the privilege of borrowing diverse children's literature daily, fostering a love for reading both at school and at home.

Creative Writing

From Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2, our Creative Writing program serves as a canvas for young imaginations. Every term, the children delve into a variety of activities, each with a distinct focus, deepening their grasp of story structures. Over the year, they are exposed to narrative components, including plot design, character development, setting portrayal, and the intricacies of conflict and resolution, thus empowering them to craft their own captivating tales.

Aesthetic & Creative Development

Speech & Drama

Embracing the power of drama through our EduDrama® methodology, we conduct weekly sessions led by specialist teachers following the term’s theme. Our activities, ranging from vocal exercises and communication games to speech work and creative drama, are designed to foster confidence, enhance communication skills, and promote a sense of community. Our Kindergarten 1 and 2 children have the unique opportunity to participate in the Certificate for Young Performers (CFYP) program, assessed by the Speech and Communication Arts Assessment Board (SACAAB).


Music is an integral component of any early childhood education programme. Our educators introduce children to a variety of musical concepts and movement activities on a weekly basis. The curriculum includes various music genres, from classical to children's songs, and music from different cultures. Additionally, our class teachers integrate music into daily routines and circle time activities, enriching the learning experience.

Theme, Art & Craft 

Tailored to each developmental stage, our thematic activities foster knowledge acquisition while nurturing creative growth. Through both individual and group projects, children are encouraged to engage in idea exploration, problem-solving, and presentation skills. Art and craft play a pivotal role in our curriculum, allowing children to express themselves using a wide array of materials and techniques, fostering creative thinking and decision-making skills.

Project! Project! 

This exciting programme adopts a project-based approach, engaging children in exploratory learning on topics of their interest. It promotes inquiry, research, and a deeper understanding of the world, integrating all areas of learning and applying acquired skills and knowledge in many areas. For our youngest learners in Pre-Nursery and Nursery 1, the Discovery Play program lays the groundwork for exploration, curiosity, and language development, preparing them to transition into 'Project! Project!' midway through Nursery 1.

Exploration & Discovery

Discovery Play (Pre-Nursery and Nursery 1)

At this foundational stage, children are innately curious, interacting with diverse materials and keen to understand how things work. Our Discovery Play empowers them to safely explore the world, using hands-on resources that spark discoveries and cause-and-effect experiences. Teachers guide this journey with engaging materials, enriched vocabulary, and interactive conversations. By keenly observing each child's strengths and interests, our educators craft experiences to enhance their learning trajectory.

Sensory Play (Pre-Nursery and Nursery 1) 

Sensory Play immerses young learners by exploring materials that have different textures, smells, and appearances. This multisensory engagement plays a part in developing fine motor, language, and cognitive development.


Interactive Learning and Play (ILaP) is a unique feature of our Julia Gabriel Preschool Programme. This programme seamlessly weaves together vital concepts and skills, fostering social, linguistic, and self-help abilities in children.

Science and Technology 

  • Cookery

Regular culinary activities engage our students, emphasising teamwork, healthy eating habits, and the joy of cooking. These sessions naturally interlink various learning areas, from math and language to hygiene and motor skills.

  • Research

Our dedicated Research centre offers dual explorations: hands-on science activities and basic computer interactions. From learning keyboard basics to exploring scientific concepts like light, motion, and water, children delve deep into theme-based explorations. This centre promotes active discovery, problem-solving, and effective communication of findings.


At Julia Gabriel Preschool, the children are introduced to mathematics in enjoyable and stimulating ways through a variety of activities. Our Maths programme is designed to provide children with repeated opportunities to practise, problem-solve and consolidate ideas and concepts. This will enable them to understand and apply their knowledge in a variety of situations.

The children explore five strands of mathematical development, which progressively increase in complexity as they move through their preschool years. These strands are:

  • Numbers and Operations
  • Shapes and Space
  • Measurement
  • Pattern and Function
  • Data Handling

We understand the importance of a high standard of spoken and written Mandarin. Our meticulously crafted programme instils a love for Mandarin and motivates every child to use the language.

'My First Mandarin Programme' introduces our Pre-Nursery tots to the allure of Mandarin through immersive arts and delightful music sessions. Progressing to Nursery and Kindergarten, children dive deeper, mastering both spoken and written Mandarin.

With enthralling activities like Speech & Drama and 'Language Learners', they blossom into eloquent speakers and creative writers. Moreover, our Chinese Cultural Arts programme immerses our young learners in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, from mesmerising dance to calligraphy, painting, classic nursery rhymes and even traditional festival food preparation.

Physical Development


Prioritising children's physical well-being, our playground sessions offer a blend of exploration, active play, and skill development. As children run, climb, and engage, they enhance their gross motor skills, foster social interactions, and nurture their problem-solving capabilities, instilling a lifelong passion for active play.

Physical Education

Complementing playground time, our weekly PE lessons emphasise teamwork and refine both fine and large motor skills. From throwing to balancing, children become adept in a myriad of movements, fortifying their body awareness.


From term 1 to 4, KidsMoov introduces children to popular sports, ensuring they confidently engage in diverse athletic activities. The programmes are carefully designed to boost gross motor abilities, social skills, and self-esteem. Through creative instruction, tailored sports equipment, and positive encouragement, children have the opportunity to explore, discover and participate in sports in a fun and exciting environment.

Full Day Programme

Expanding upon our Core Programme, the Full Day programme has been specifically selected and designed to delve deeper into the essence of our EduDrama® methodology. Click the images below to dive into the extra components of our Full Day offerings:

PreNursery to Nursery 2: Cultivating a growth mindset with music, literature, and diverse activities, empowering kids to tackle challenges with confidence.

Kindergarten 1 to 2: Igniting young minds' innovative spirit, encouraging them to identify challenges, devise imaginative solutions, and turn ideas into tangible ventures. This program fosters both skill development and a growth mindset, preparing our children for future success.

Addressing the digital era's needs, we understand that coding skills are essential, and our coding programme is designed to introduce children to technological literacy. From play-based pre-coding tasks to sophisticated programming projects, we nurture logical, analytical, and collaborative skills, readying them for a digital future.

Transforming children into digital storytellers and creators, this programme dives into digital tools and online collaboration to foster responsible digital citizenship, critical thinking, and creative expression.

This sustainability programme immerses children in nature, promoting a sustainability mindset. Children learn environmental stewardship through practical activities like gardening and recycling, preparing them to champion a sustainable future.

This programme nurtures leadership, empathy, and cultural understanding by encouraging interaction with peers of different age groups. At the end of this programme, children will develop self-awareness and self-confidence by growing, learning and playing in a safe and supportive environment with diverse age groups.

Parents’ Ultimate Choice

Small Class Size

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We believe in the individual journey of each child. Our small class sizes ensure every child receives the personal support required to thrive.

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Language Immersion

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Immerse your child in a bilingual environment from a young age. Our English and Mandarin educators collaborate seamlessly to develop language skills with care and expertise.

Holistic Development

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Our comprehensive programmes cover all aspects of development, from literacy and mathematics to speech and drama, mindfulness, physical education, music, and beyond.

Unique Programmes

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We go beyond traditional education with programmes like Young Entrepreneurs (I Can!), Sustainability & Gardening (Give & Grow), and Harmony Heroes (Collaboration and Care for Community).

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Parent Involvement

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Your child's success is our success. That’s why we cherish strong partnerships with parents, involving them in classroom activities and field trips and fostering open, effective communication channels right from the start.

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A Brand New Experience At Keppel Bay

Step into Julia Gabriel Preschool Keppel Bay, our brand new centre location. Designed with young learners in mind, our centre boasts bright, spacious classrooms and an engaging learning environment highly conducive to inspiring young minds.

With both indoor and outdoor spaces, students will enjoy the benefit of both indoor and outdoor learning spaces that offer spectacular views of the marina and sea beyond from this exclusive, state-of-the-art location.

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Julia Gabriel Preschool Open House

Julia Gabriel Preschool
Open House

Enjoy up to $680* in savings
and receive a welcome pack upon enrolment

Enjoy up to $680* in savings and receive a welcome pack upon enrolment

17, 24, 31 August 2024 (Saturdays)

9.00am – 1.00pm

Open House Activities

Discover All About Us!

  • Information Session: Meet Our Curriculum Specialists
  • Chat with Our Amazing Team
  • Enjoy a Centre Tour
  • Explore Our Activity Room for Children

Please make an appointment. Places are limited. *Terms and conditions apply.

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Your Child's Path To Success Begins Here

Keppel Bay

2 Keppel Bay Vista, #02-02A Marina At Keppel Bay, Singapore 098382


231 Mountbatten Road
Block A, #01-00
Singapore 397999


510 Thomson Road
SLF Building, #04-01A
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